“” is made of peace lovers and peacemakers who envision sustainable world peace through meditation and mindfulness practices. A Peace Club is a non-political and non-religious organization. It is also a community-based group of at least 10 active members, with no age limit. Peace Clubs in Africa create changemakers that promote sustainable solutions by combining inner peace with community projects to establish better and sustainable African societies. Peace club members meet on a regular basis to reflect and take action for positive social impact.

A Peace Club | Impact

As groups of like-minded people aiming for social change and sustainable development, Peace Clubs organize various activities including community projects for youth and women empowerment, leadership and motivational workshops, social support for vulnerable people, sensitization campaigns in schools and universities about peace, sustainable development and environment protection. Through their activities, Peace Clubs INITIATE - IMPACT - INSPIRE and CONTRIBUTE to social positive changes using meditation and mindfulness practice.

In 2022, Peace Clubs’ activities reached 39,811 people all over Africa.

A Peace Club | Presence in Africa

Currently, there are in total 40 Peace Clubs in Africa. They range from West & Central Africa to Eastern and Southern Africa in 40 cities and 19 different countries. Check the list below to find out if there is already a Peace Club in your city or country.

A Peace Club | Activities

Below are the Peace Clubs around the world

Benefits of starting and joining Peace Club:

Learn about meditation and mindfulness techniques useful for daily life through different events and workshops organized by the club Meet and work with people from different background but with the common interests in meditation and self-development


Get support from the like-minded people with the common goals


Contribute to society through different activities


Receive a certificate for participating in the club’s activities


Initiate projects that help the society grow as they are also growing through meditation and self-development

(For PIPO Members who are university students) Occasionally get sponsored to attend international conferences or trainings

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