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We highly recognize the importance of personal development that we strongly believe would eventually lead to other forms of development in the society. How a person could think better, speak better, and perform better in anything he or she does is what we aim to excel. As a result, WPI offers various workshop topics for both a group of individuals and organizations, customized to best support your intended personal or organizational growth.

Sustainable Changes

The sets of skills and the minds of knowledge that would last a lifetime


The enriching learning experience that adds positivity and removes negativity from lives


The unforgettable moment when you discover your own hidden potential and inner power


The profound purity that emerges from within yourself that will help you overcome hardship and obstacles in life

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The Stress Breakthrough Course

stress breakthrough program

Rushing from one task to another, meeting deadlines, and feeling exhausted at the end of the day has become a normal routine for many of us. This course has been designed to offer simple techniques that help deal with stress and anxiety, and overcome daily challenges with a peaceful mind. The course explores the causes of stress, stress prevention, as well as provides tools for how to gain sustainable inner peace for a happier and healthier life.

  • Analyze your stress symptoms, the true causes of your stress, and the types of stress you are dealing with
  • Identify the challenges that tie you up with stress
  • Learn a simple daily mindfulness practice to deal with stress
  • Know how to remain calm and peaceful in a stressful situation

Stress breakthrough program

Would you like to say goodbye to stress in a week? Are you always concerned about your health, money or your relationship? Is the tornado of thoughts affecting your mental well-being, your appearance or your personality? Have you tried different ways to relieve stress but the same old pictures keep coming back? Don’t give up! There are tools and techniques that can help you let go stress from your life.

  • Learn the true culprit behind the causes of stress in our life
  • Analyzing your stress symptoms, the true causes of your stress, and the types of stress you are facing
  • Identify the challenges that tie you up with stress
  • A simple daily mindfulness practice to deal with stress
  • Learn how to remain calm and peaceful in a stressful situation
  • Developing a positive mindset that will change the way you look at the world
  • Cultivating positive energy that helps you utilize the power of attraction
  • Building healthy habits that will become the first line of defense against stress

Decode your passion

Decode your passion

How many times have you made New Year’s resolutions in vain? Do you feel that everything coming to you in life is interesting but you don’t know what would be good for the real you? In this course, we invite you to begin exploring pathways to decode your passion; to look inside, find and bring your energy into what could potentially be a part of the real you. We will walk with you on an exciting journey of a personal development that will help you discover your true self.

  • Knowing yourself: dreams, strengths, and limitations
  • Clarify your vision and understand the values of your life-long goals
  • Explore the possibility of connecting the dots in your life that will help decode your passion
  • Learn a simple tool to maintain a level of passion and motivation, and create endless ways of being fulfilled

Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Ways for your voice to be heard start from nowhere else but your own self-empowerment. Because you deserve the right to be better. It is always possible to be the woman who excels in everything once you know the secret to it. The workshop on Women Empowerment will walk you through the process of identifying your strengths and searching for the right opportunities for you to shine like never before. The course will include helping you present yourself and your unique set of skills with full confidence, developing the ability to communicate effectively to be everyone’s favorite speaker and conversation partner, setting goals and planning feasible ways to achieve your goals.

  • Understand yourself by identifying your strengths and weaknesses
  • Empower your inner self by stilling the mind through meditation
  • Master the art of forgiveness and boundless compassion.
  • Develop your personal authenticity and creativity
  • Learn to lead people mindfully and to efficiently manage self-care and caring for others
  • Boost your self-esteem and confidence so you can inspire and motivate others


Habit Development

Mental health has become a trendy topic these days as more and more people are concerned about their mental well-being. Living in a fast-changing world with so many responsibilities, it is easy for everything to fall off the track. The quest for a balanced life has become a struggle that few people have been able to achieve. Is there a secret we could have overlooked? This is a course based on the science of happiness. You will learn the causes and effects of your daily habits and explore deeper into how a simple practice can potentially bring out the new you that you have always been dreaming about.

  • Knowing yourself: dreams, strengths, and limitations
  • Learn how to deal with the little voice that prevents you from changing
  • Master a simple tool to enhance your mental strength
  • Practice a proven set of positive and productive habits for cultivating sustainable changes and opening the way of life where success and happiness can co-exist

The Formula for Academic success

Academic Success
3-hour Workshop

There is no shortcut to success. We all know that to achieve something higher, we have to work harder. But does working harder always give a better result? What could be the formula to increase your academic success and recover better from a failure that not only costs us precious time but also harms our mental strength? This course offers a holistic curriculum addressing various academic and emotional needs to enable you to work smarter. Our formulas will help you move towards achieving academic success. The four formulas identified and discussed in this course are: The Development of Successful Learners’ Characteristics, Mindfulness Practice, Time Management, and Strategic Learning.

  • Develop characteristics and emotional intelligence that will make you your own role model for academic excellence
  • Develop a lifestyle of learning that will help you standout from other students
  • Learn a mindfulness practice to help you deal with stress and anxiety caused by high workloads
  • Adopt strategies that not only help with academic success but also with the development of a happier and healthier academic life.

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence
3-hour Workshop

Do you struggle with managing and controlling your emotions?

Do you have a fear of conflict and the inability to resolve them?

Do you always avoid changes and uncertainty in life?

Join this course on Emotional Intelligence to learn to navigate through your emotions wisely towards a more balanced you and the society around you.

  • Understand EQ, its relation to performance at work, and ways to boost your EQ
  • Learn the neuroscience behind EQ and the psychology of emotions
  • Identify your Emotional Literacy for self-management
  • Conquer relationship conflicts and failure through the understanding of empathy and compassion.
  • Explore sustainable team-building skills through the ability to create a vision of hope, to motivate, and to foster trust among team members.
  • Delve into the strengthening of mental flexibility to form a healthy workplace where there is a shared vision and constant growth

Tips for
Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance
10-hour Workshop

Have you ever felt so tired that you would come home from work and lay down right away?

Ever felt like you did not have the time or energy to cook dinner for yourself or that you were too exhausted to be creative?

Or maybe you work so much that when you get on a vacation, you don’t know what to do?

Getting ourselves out of our comfort zone is the ultimate recipe for success in the modern era.

We have to keep challenging ourselves, working hard and chasing our goals. But there are times where some things push our life off the track. We end up feeling stressed, overwhelmed and hopeless without really knowing what’s behind it.

Is it possible to find the balance after all? How do we know when our life is finally balanced?

Our work life balance course will help you identify where imbalance comes from and restore balance to your life. Whether you are a business owner, an office worker, a freelancer or an at-home parent, we all face identical challenges and desire the same fulfillment. You will learn a simple technique that helps you get back your wasted time, your missing peace and your drained energy without compromising your success for happiness.

  • Learn to identify the causes of an unbalanced life
  • Learn the recipe of staying physically healthy
  • Learn to set proper goals, motivate yourself and achieve your maximum potential without losing your individual inner peace
  • Learn to improve your relationships and resolve conflicts with the people around you
  • Practice mindfulness tools to learn to put everything back into place with a higher degree of contentment in everyday life.

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