“Peace Club”

is a local community of like-minded people who want to develop and empower themselves through meditation combining it with other initiatives to make society a better place to live. Peace Club can be established anywhere in the world. The idea is to find out and promote the local solutions for local and global problems. This regular gathering emerges from the principle of Peace In Peace Out P.I.P.O.

Peace In

This means the club members regularly practice meditation and apply in their lives self-development tools to reach out their full potential and encourage each other to continuously improve their lives in all aspects.

regularly practice meditation

Peace Out

Apart from practicing meditation which is the main theme and culture of Peace Club, each local club can implement their own projects that contribute to their society in various ways.

peace out

Peace Club | Activities

Below are the Peace Clubs around the world

“PIPO Club”

is another form of community under the bigger concept of “Peace Club”. PIPO Club consists of students from different universities who come together to begin their self-development journey together and acquire the opportunities to work on different projects that help the society. In Thailand, for instance, PIPO Club Thailand came up with a project called “Klao” where they organize events to raise awareness and inspire people to develop themselves and their habits. The club has organized a series of activities including: a number of talk shows where they successfully invited influential people in Thailand to speak and inspire youngsters to develop themselves; charitable activities such as cleaning public restrooms to reduce their ego; and media production where “Klao” has become a very well-known social media platform for trendy self-development.

Benefits of starting and joining Peace Club:

Learn about meditation and mindfulness techniques useful for daily life through different events and workshops organized by the club Meet and work with people from different background but with the common interests in meditation and self-development


Get support from the like-minded people with the common goals


Contribute to society through different activities


Receive a certificate for participating in the club’s activities


Initiate projects that help the society grow as they are also growing through meditation and self-development

(For PIPO Members who are university students) Occasionally get sponsored to attend international conferences or trainings

Peace Club | Presidents

Upcoming Trainings

There is no training available at the moment. You can subscribe to our social network and get notified when we launch new opportunities.

Upcoming Events

WPI envisions sustainable change happening when each and every one of us works towards their own self-development. Thus, we have created free and accessible tools for the empowerment and wellbeing of individuals worldwide, regardless of age, race, religion, cultural background.

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