Who is a Peace Coach?

A Peace Coach is someone who has walked the talk and went through some important milestones in meditation. Thanks to the experience gained during the self-development program, meditation retreats, and professional background, they are the companion you deserve while walking the path of self-exploration and inner peace.

They are well equipped to assist you privately as well as to be your friend during your journey with us. Their particular skills, languages, and background offer a unique perspective, and their robust experience will support you and gently guide you when you most need it. Meet them below and get an in-depth conversation that will allow you to engage with what is going on in yourself in a new, more illuminating way.

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WPI envisage cette paix durable lorsque chaque individu travaillera à atteindre le développement personnel en soi. Ainsi nous avons rendu disponible un outil libre et accessible pour le renforcement et le bien être de chaque individu dans le monde sans distinction d'âge, de race, de religion et de contexte culturel.

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