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Interactive 60-minute LIVE via Zoom

OUR 21 day programme will help

Create a Growth Mindset

Make Meditation your Routine

Learn (at least) 1 Good Habit

Unlearn (at least) 1 Bad Habit

Become a Better Version of Yourself

Inspired by the notion that it takes 21 days to create a good habit, our 21-day online course focuses on: Meditation, Mindfulness, and Habit Development. You can skip any days and check the recorded videos afterward.

For those who are consistent with all LIVE lessons, workshop, exercises, and homework for 21 days, you will be eligible to apply for the next program to become one of our Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Trainers!

Program Outline

Week 1: Learn What, Why and How of Meditation?

Benefits and how to prepare yourself for a meditation practice

Introduction to the breathing, mantra and visualization technique

BAC - Mindfulness technique to support your habit development process

Week 2: Learn BMM & MEHD Diagram with exercises

Better ME Model (BMM) is a solution-based diagram with a holistic approach to help you get out of a trap and set life-goal realistically.

MEHD stands for Mind Empowerment and Habit Development which exhibits the 4 aspects of life from the Buddhist philosophy - Health, Love, Work, Happiness (HLWH) - with a practical tool to deal with each aspect effectively.

Week 2: Discuss Health & Happiness Aspects with workshop, games, and homework

5 Acts of self-discipline is a tip towards a building-block of your meditation practice.

5 Universal Goodnesses (UG5) will amplify the body and mind development to be healthy and happy.

DR.PHE stands for Discipline, Respect, Patience, Humility, and Empathy which make you admire yourself as another superhero in reality.

Week 3: How to Lucky in Game & Happy in Love

“4 Tips for a long-lasting relationship” is a magical yet applicable tool in a social distancing environment.

“4 stepping stones to improve work performance” is a key for job satisfaction and promotion.

Summary of 21 days Evolution to Master your Mindset.

The Experience

What to expect


Guided Meditation Audios in EnlightenMe App (EM App) with different topics


A Meditation Journal in EM App which supports Daily Self-reflection to thrive in meditation practice.


Live Guided Meditation


Thought-provoking LIVE teachings to inspire and transform a NEW you.


Fun Games and Insightful Exercises with breakout sessions to discuss and exchange ideas and know-how


Take-away Challenges (homework) to unlock your hidden potential with monitoring process to support your personal growth


Additional Free Exercises in EM App to support your Daily Habit Development. For example, BAC for Mindfulness in Action or Discipline game to track your 4 important routines towards success


Personalized path of your own self-development supervised by certified Mindfulness & Meditation Trainers and Coaches


E-certificate will be given for those attended at least half of the LIVE sessions


Private WhatsApp Group of like-minded people to motivate and drive your action


Sebastian Ruiz Jimenez


Sebastian Ruiz Jimenez

Sebastián´s first encounter with meditation was through his martial arts training, as it was part of the ritual for beginning class. He got interested in developing not only his physical, but also mental skills and spiritual skills, and meditation became an integral part of his training and daily life. As a psychologist, specialised in sports and exercise psychology, he knows of the benefits and reasons why everyone should practice meditation as a mental workout, and have a more mindful and healthier life. His experience as fitness coach and university teacher has given him tools to make people integrate and apply new knowledge in their lives.

Lina María Bernal Bernal


Lina María Bernal Bernal

Lina is a mindfulness and meditation trainer certified by World Peace Initiative. She has been part of the WPI community since 2018, where she has been trained in Asia and America to gain a deeper understanding of how the mind works. Lina is kind, peaceful, and a positive person, interested in the science of wellbeing and how we can live in harmony with all beings and nature. She has an engineering degree, studies in philosophy and self-development, and work experience in sustainability and innovation for academia and the private sector. Lina loves nature, art, sports, and music! She believes that life represents the best opportunity to learn how to live peacefully, happily, and at the service of all beings, also in the power of cultivating inner peace towards achieving sustainable world peace.

Ziomara María Estrada Elías


Ziomara María Estrada Elías

Zio Estrada is a graphic designer, coach, and meditation and mindfulness trainer for Peace Revolution. Coordinator of the Spanish-speaking community of Medita. Conecta. Vive of the World Peace Initiative Foundation and also founder of the Choco Treat Factory. For more than three years she has collaborated with the Guatemala Peace Club as the project manager and since 2019 she develops graphic design for the WPI Foundation. She represented Guatemala in the International Peace Training in 2019 in Loei Thailand, where she learned about meditation directly from Buddhist monk teachers of the Theravada tradition. Facilitator of the Mayan medicine of cacao in Guatemala. 'Focus our minds with a genuine purpose and constant practice of meditation and mindfulness, makes everything possible!'

Carmina Morales


Carmina Morales

Carmina is a certified meditation and mindfulness trainer. She holds a bachelor's degree in International Trade and a master's degree with merits in Finance and Development Economics from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She was corporate buyer for Northe America in one of the most important companies in the automotive industry in Mexico. Carmina is the president and founder of a NGO dedicated to the human and economic development of people through their cultural resources. She enjoys generating and leading projects on cultural and creative entrepreneurship, applied art and culture for leadership, social prevention of violence and mindfulness. From different platforms, Carmina is dedicated to designing, carrying out and disseminating projects that contribute to the construction of community, specializing in the generation of cultural, creative and introspective experiences for the experiential learning of soft skills, awareness, appreciation of cultural diversity and the peace building. She joined Peace Revolution in 2015, where she discovered a path to self-knowledge, self-care and self-realization through meditation. Since then, Carmina devoted personal and organizational efforts to work with World Peace Initiative Foundation to promote meditation as a peace building tool. From 2015 to date, he has organized meditation sessions, retreats and workshops that exceed 1,600 participants. Among its most important partners are the Tecnológico de Monterrey, Tec Milenio and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Toluca.

Lidia De La Garza


Lidia De La Garza

Lidia is a certified yoga teacher, meditation trainer and health coach that has been trained in Asia and America in order to share with people from different backgrounds techniques that lead them into healthier, balanced and happy lives. She's also a social entrepreneur that has been involved and lead social projects in Mexico, India and Africa in order to give empowerment to minorities. She's actively involved in the Peace Revolution project under World Peace Initiative Foundation and in 2015 she became a certified meditation instructor.

Tania Mayela Palma


Tania Mayela Palma

Tania is from Honduras. She studied a bachelor in Marketing and a Masters in Project Management, and worked in the corporate world for many years. Since 2013 she got involved in volunteering and self development, and became a certified Emotional Health Counselor. Becoming more passionate for self development and healing she had undergone several certifications as a Emotional Integration Therapist, Transpersonal Coach and Family Constellations facilitator; currently she has more than 6 years experience in individual crisis intervention, personal coaching and group therapy. Also a Yoga practitioner and instructor certified in India, and with a specialty of Yoga and Mindfulness for children and educators.She is a meditation practitioner for 7 years and certified Meditation and Mindfulness Trainer with World Peace Initiative since 2018, renewing her certification every year in Thailand. She has delivered workshops, group sessions, and facilitated retreats in Honduras, Guatemala, India, Mexico, Latvia, and Peru.

Warunyaporn - Sumrittikul


Warunyaporn - Sumrittikul (Nat)

Nat is a certified meditation and mindfulness trainer. She has a strong passion in EQ, coaching and counselling. Having gained a Bachelor degree in Journalism and mass communication, she spent five years volunteering in Dhammakaya temple in Thailand to organize meditation events for more than 10,000 people weekly. In 2019, she became actively involved in the World Peace Initiative Foundation and Peace Revolution where she discovered her true self and was inspired to share her inner peace journey with her community. Nat believes that once one experiences inner peace by themselves, the world will change. Nat is currently based in Alabama,The US

What People Say

"The topics in this course were all interesting and related to daily life aspects. I liked it that there were exercises and discussions about the topic, or the opportunity to share experiences with others. In the "GAS" topic, the instructor's perspective itself was very good, and would be a useful tool to have"

Rut from Paraguay

""Everything was clean and clear. Course Instructors were so nice, clear and wise. I loved every single session and the last week helped me a lot and was a place of support and love for the special moment I am going through. I'm really grateful with this opportunity, with every soul that makes this course take place"

Maria from Spain

"I liked the BMM & MEHD topics as those are the topics I lack in my life. The self reflection of my ideal self, the discipline & habit development were all very great topics. It is why I registered in the course in the first place"

Sally from Palestine

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