Have you ever wondered why the moon is so beautiful? Have a look in the sky; the moon is truly magnificent.

The moon has been the inspiration for poets, musicians and writers, It′s a signpost for map makers of the earth and cosmos. Why is it that the moon is so adored, what is it about the earth′s satellite that is so enchanting? Could it be that it reminds us of something inside ourselves? The bright moon reminds us of the pure, brilliant, light INSIDE that is shining, radiating and lights up the darkness of the night.


Moonfest is when Peace Rebels join together for inner peace time to create and share inner peace with the world.


Four times a month; usually the first quarter, the full moon, the last quarter and the new moon

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ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, you can follow the live guided session here.

Moonfest Schedule

Top Moonfesters

Webmaster Peace Revolution 94
Pavit 56
Marco Bermudez 49
Agnija Kazuša 46
Saowalak Na Lampang 41
Lp Tim Dhiranando 33
Tissione Parmar 32
Sandra 32
Anita Nuss 30
Cristina Maria Matei 27
Maye 26
Reese 25
Manuela Puscas 24
Siwei Wang 24
Kuldeep Singh 23
Hatszegi Hatszegi 22
Camila Kahlau 21
Montse 21
Anna Kravec 21
Lp Jean Tapakuno 21


My Moonfest meditation experience is always very nice. I love sharing this moment of peace with different people around the world. I think it’s because we put our energy together in a synergistic way to help each other to cultivate our inner peace. They are the reason why I feel fuller of peace and love. Now it’s my homework to share this peace energy with everyone! And today is great day to do that! 
Andrea, Argentina

At the beginning it was a bit hard to still my mind, but then during the meditation I saw a bright light on the horizon. It was getting closer and closer. I felt a huge amount of peace energy growing from the center of my body, covering myself, my house, the city, the entire world, and all the living beings. Thank you so much! 
Sandra, Colombia

I had a very beautiful meditation experience today! It’s always a great experience to meditate at the same time with different people from all around the world. You can easily connect with the center and feel the peace energy flowing and growing strongly. I share my love with all of you! Have a lovely day! 
Rafael, Colombia

I felt so blessed, peaceful, and connected to something very beautiful. The feeling of unity with all human beings around the world is wonderful and truly inspiring. After meditating I refine my identity to love more and change the world. Thank you so much for this amazing experience! 
Julia, Poland

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